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USPS Delivery Times

United State Postal package services are delivered by your regular letter carrier. If he has already delivered today, there will not be a later delivery.
The tracking system is not outdated and works fairly well with some glitches, just like UPS and FedEx.
We can see "electronic notice received" is USPS Tracking that the package has not yet been delivered by the shipper to the Post Office. Also you can see more information about USPS Delivery Time.
He has generated a shipping label on-line and that is all he has done so far. Amazon does not provide any tracking services to their own, any tracking number they give you is the one they received from USPS.

USPS Delivery on Sunday

Even in today’s world most of us use mail services to send our important documents from one place to another. Also, we have no.of options to send our documents like email, apps, messages and much more, but we rely on mail services because we know nothing can replace the mail service.
If we want to send any of our important documents or items, we prefer to mail it, and for this, we choose the mail carrier companies that provide different options to mail any item. The USPS is one of the mail carriers which delivers mail & packages to almost every single household in the United States. It’s one of the oldest law enforcement agencies and mail carrier in the U.S. 

USPS Sunday Delivery Times

The US Postal Service delivers mail items 365 days a year, but it (delivery time) depends on the mail service which you use to send your item.
Many of the people, who use USPS services to send their mail items, want to know doesmail run on Sundays and is mail delivered on Saturday? Then you will get to know all your answers related to USPS Sunday and Saturday delivery. Let’s find out the answers: